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Twisted Village
12 Eliot St.
Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
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Phone: 617-354-6898

Size: Small
New/Used: New & Used
Formats: Vinyl, CD
Styles: Jazz, Experimental, Collectibles, Electronic, Classical, Folk, Other, Pop
Listening Post: Unknown

Excellent eclectic collection of old and ultra-modern music.
submitted by Paul Geffen, 2002-07-22 13:24:17
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While the store might not be for everybody, if you're in the Boston area looking for noise, experimental electronic, psych, free jazz, and the like, you'd best stop by. The owners, Wayne and Kate, are also top rate nice folks, willing to give you the real story on a release or special order items for you.
submitted by Andrew Schrock, 2002-08-04 21:36:53
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When planning my yearly trips to Boston, I set aside some money just for this place. It remains my absolute favorite record store. I have always walked out with something surprising (and ultimately satisfying.) Favorite purchase in recent years was the KOSMOS German Sci-Fi film comp (I still remember hearing the title track in store for the first time.) And yes, the staff is super nice and helpful. I wish we had a place like this in Columbus.
submitted by Joe Neff, 2004-12-24 19:54:30
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Very esoteric. Cheap and deep used CD stock - you'll be surprised to find something you recognize! The owners always have an opinion to offer and don't mind if you listen to a bunch of items. Just watch out for the pipes and bring a large drink to sip.
submitted by jkray, 2005-01-03 09:18:59
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THE place to go if you're looking for garage, psych, avant garde jazz, modern classical, etc.; in other words, anything that's not mainstream. Excellent prices and selection,and Wayne is an extremely generous trader! Plan to spend at least a couple of hours in here!! Make it a point to get on the mailing list to be informed of what comes into the shop by way of new and vintage vinyl/CDs.
submitted by Scott Charbonneau, 2006-03-30 13:46:49
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Lo-Key underground record store in Boston's Cambrige section. Newer (Post-2000) albums are sold used for insanely fair prices. Many reissues and classics. Neatly organized, easy to navigate. While many of the musical styles cater to the far left, excellent middle-of-the-road stuff can be found for a great price. Do Drop In.
submitted by Evan T., 2007-04-24 23:30:35
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