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Hyde Park Records
1377 E. 53rd St.
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
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Nearest Cross-Street: Dorchester

Phone: 773-288-6588
Store Hours: 11am-8pm
Web site:

Size: Medium
New/Used: New & Used
Formats: Vinyl, CD, Videos, T-shirts, Posters, Books, DVD
Styles: Punk Rock, Jazz, Experimental, Indie Rock, Collectibles, Country, Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Dance, Classical, Folk, Other, Funk, Soul, Blues, Drum & Bass, House, Latin, Reggae, Metal, Pop, R&B, Soundtracks, Picture Discs, Audiophile, Ska, Rockabilly, Progressive, Ambient, Psychedelic, Comedy
Listening Post: Yes

I was blown away at how much this place had changed. Apparently the last owner had to shut it's doors after not being able to make any money and the employees got together and re-opened it up themselves. The selection is one of the best in the city and easily crushes everything on the southside. Rare original jazz LPs, impossible to find hardcore LPs, a small but selevtive soul 45 section, great 78s, and all of the CDs are GOOD - no junk at all! You don't need to wade through mountains of garbage like at the 2nd Hand chain - A GREAT IMPROVEMENT! WELL DONE! Also, their website is hilarious!
submitted by Stephen Tolley, 2004-12-15 14:02:38
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I would bang all three owners of Hyde Park Records. HP Records is quietly becoming the coveted G-spot for record "hunters" and "diggers". Even if you live out of the area, you'll be pleasantly surprised by their selection and realize it was definitely worth the trip! You can throw out your mental wish list because you'll find what you wanted anyway just by browsing the record and CD sections. If you don't mind records that aren't in pristine condition, the bargain bin is also your friend. Don't hesitate to talk to any of the owners because they really know their stuff. If music was a woman, they would make sweet sweet love to it. These are reasons why I would bang all three owners of Hyde Park Records.
submitted by beetster, 2004-12-15 16:09:29
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Hyde Park Records is the most promising record store to arrive in Chicago in years. As I write this, the store isn't even up to their full shelved inventory yet, but what exists is very promising. The South Side of Chicago is known for great records, and it seems like the neighboring community already knows where to sell their used LPs, CDs and 45s. I've already seen everything in LPs from The Bush Tetras to Harold Wheeler and the Enforcers. A convienient listening station and personable employees top it off. A must-visit; and well worth the trip from the Northern parts of the city. Look out for those beige walls, though.
submitted by Felix, 2004-12-16 02:38:33
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Awe, what can you say about Hyde Park Records without mentioning that fuzzy feeling you get when you see a store that looks like an actual record store, stocked with actual records and has actual employees who like the store so much that they own it! Needless to say, I would walk on broken glass to get away from places like Reckless Records and their snob appeal. No snobs here, just rib eating music enthusiasts looking to sell some records. I 'heart' HPR.
submitted by a.viv.iv, 2004-12-16 09:48:19
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Some bargains in the budget bin and a friendly atmosphere.
submitted by Frodo1, 2004-12-19 23:48:45
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Oh wow, I felt like the stock of this record store was created just for me. Every section had at least three strange things I wanted a lot. The Coltrane section alone would make most people puke with happiness, and I mean Alice. An almost pathological number of Morrissey cds, McCoy Tyner on the wall,and Yellowman playing the whole time I was in the store. Great looking store, clean and comfortable with odd and compelling paintings by one of the owners. Classic hip-hop on vinyl, amazing blue-note stuff I have never seen in person and a sweet Hawaiian folk find in the budget bin. I give this one two thumbs up. Way up.
submitted by Stuart, 2004-12-29 14:45:43
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I was a little wary of this place as I'd been to the old shop when it was 2nd Hand Tunes. I'd heard a lot of bad things about the last owner something about the fact that he bought the internet URL's of other stores in the city to direct online traffic to his own site. It didn't seem like he was a very good guy. I found out that the employees of the old joint struck out on their own - man they should have had control the whole time, this place is great. I found at least 10 things that I'd been looking for and the prices weren't high. I hope that they can keep things going, i think they'll be around for a long time. It looks 100% better too.
submitted by Alan Chincheko, 2005-01-05 11:30:41
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Great prices, great selection, great atmosphere, great & helpful employees. I don't get to the south side too much, but when I do, I go to HPR.
submitted by Andrea J., 2005-02-04 15:45:00
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A damn great conversion from old to new. The last time I had been to the former 2nd hand tunes, it was early spring 2004. Then I find out that it reopened a couple of months later around thanksgiving, with a brand new look! I finally made my way back there in february 0f 2005, and I must tell you that i was amazed at what i saw: a major overhaul of everything! It actually looks like the living room of any music lover's house. Big ups to the people that reopened this gem, lord knows that I'll be back around.
submitted by dj jupiter 8, 2005-06-14 14:17:31
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I'd been hearing a lot about this record store lately, so I made the trip to Hyde Park. Wow was it worth it: a carefully curated collection of new / used cds and lps neck and neck with plenty of budget gems. Full of the kind of stuff that never makes it to the north side of the city without a huge price tag attached. Hard-to-find jazz originals, punk classics, soul oddities, and stacks of cheap singles. Cozy and clean, with real charmers behind the counter. My bet is collectors, kids, and cheapo purists will all find something satisfying here.
submitted by newtown, 2005-09-14 12:11:16
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nice friendly staff, but the collection of music is rather meager. if you're looking for the most recent releases that you can get anywhere, they will definately have it. but more variety in the back cataloge would make this better then average.
submitted by michael tegler, 2005-12-14 12:32:46
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This store was pretty awesome. That had a little bit of everything for a reasonable price. It was well organized and the staff was friendly. I really enjoyed it.
submitted by Evan, 2006-02-05 23:20:00
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Hands down the best record store in Chicago. A bit pricey for hard to find gems but they always have a good supply of original pressed records on Blue Note and Prestige, as well as other incredibly hard to find gems. Worth every penny, service is great, they make you feel right at home. 2nd hand tunes should die a slow painful death.
submitted by The Dude, 2007-11-13 21:11:30
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