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Sour Records
20 N. State
Westerville, Ohio, U.S.A.
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Nearest Cross-Street: College Ave.

Phone: 614-895-1965
Store Hours: 11-7 m-f, 10-6 s, closed sunday
Web site:

Size: Medium
New/Used: New & Used
Formats: Vinyl, CD, Videos, T-shirts, Books, DVD
Styles: Punk Rock, Jazz, Experimental, Indie Rock, Collectibles, Rock, Electronic, Dance, Classical, Soul, Blues, Techno, Picture Discs, Audiophile, Surf, Trance, Progressive, Psychedelic
Listening Post: Unknown

The best and unfortunately one of the last record stores I visited in Columbus. The best part about this store is the selection of new records. It’s pretty big, it’s got a lot of varity, and the best thing is that all the new records are put in a nice plastic sleeve so you don’t have to get home and decide which records deserve a sleeve and which don’t. The new CD section is very nice as well. Lots of artists and not just full length albums either. As far as the used records go there is a small room in the back home to 1000+ of them. Haven’t really dug thru them but it is worth noting the number of classical records carried. There is a small number of used CDs. Nothing special here. The 7” single section is great. I love it. Not only does he have a large selection of new artists but you can find 45’s from old favorites like the Beatles and the Doors. They are separated too! He also keeps the cream of the crop used records up in the front so you don’t have to dig thru a pile of crappy old records to get the good stuff. Store also has a shelf of books (all in a sleeve as well) to check out. At the front counter a case of rare bootlegs and such. Also has a video/dvd section of live shows and other visual material. This store is worth the time of any collector without a doubt. My little review can do no justice.
submitted by Joel, 2003-11-14 01:22:00
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To say Sour Records is Columbus's premiere musical outlet is somewhat of an understatement. Sure, downtown is littered with quality stores that provide great music, none provide as well as Sour Records. From top to bottom this mid-sized store in uptown Westerville is the pinnacle of musical nirvana. This is the record store for music lovers. From floor to ceiling, every square inch is utilized to pure perfection to provide the most material possible in the most logical and easy to find way. Whether it be CDs, vinyl records, used or new, contemporary or classic, Sour Records delivers in spades. In addition to those products, the store also carries a great selection of books (either guide books, or band biographies), a great selection of all the best magazines from England, concert videos and documentaries, and a collection of box sets and hard to find imports or bootlegs that is unrivaled. Aladdin got three wishes from his genie. From Sour Records you get an infinite amount, and they all come true.
submitted by Adam, 2004-01-11 00:21:19
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Sour Records has become my music Mecca. Ultra-rare imports and the newest releases from every genre imaginable, all can be found at Sour. CDs, vinyls, box sets, and a very impressive used section adorn every square inch of the store from floor to ceiling. Hands down, its the best music store I've ever been to.
submitted by kris, 2004-01-27 21:47:59
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I love this store!! Always has the vinyls I am looking for new. And if he doesn't have it he will order it for me. Always a great place to work with. I used to dig around on the internet to find hard finds but ever since I found this store. Pretty much if Sour Records can't get it, it does not exist. So if you are someone who buys new vinyl, this is the only place that you need.
submitted by Ryan Smith, 2004-09-20 16:36:30
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With I-Pod nation now firmly set in our record company's sites, it is reassuring to know that there is still some people out there who prefer to do things the right way. Sour Records is that place. This is a great store with an unbelivable selection of music for the right place. The owner cares about getting you the product want and isn't shy about suggesting what you need. This store is like BMW. You may only see one on the road once in a great while, but when you do you know it is the best car being driven. Likewise, Sour Records is a place that, while a dying breed of stores, everyone knows is still the best out there.
submitted by Graham, 2004-10-15 13:39:43
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This store is not huge. This store does not necessarily carry what is on the Top 40. It is not a mega name that also sells cute nick knacks and the like. This is a muisc store, a record shop . . . a little piece of heaven. So warning to all of you out there, only proceed here if you are a lover of music. Only proceed here if you enjoy quality music in quality formats. Only proceed here if you must visit finest record shop in the greater Columbus area. If you do, you'll return. I always do.
submitted by Pete, 2004-11-09 16:11:17
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Remember what Used Kids used to be? You know, cool and fun with a great selection of material on multiple formats? The kind of place where you could spend hours (and paychecks) finding exactly what you had spent months looking for? That's what Sour Records is now.
submitted by mrd, 2005-07-05 08:51:19
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This record store is amazing. The dollar section with nearly endless rows of records and 45's is incredible. Although some of the more high maintenance stuff is a little pricy, it's one of the best that I've ever visited.
submitted by Evan, 2006-02-05 23:18:29
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The last great American record store...period. While not the biggest, Sour is a store with an uncompromising vision of what music and more importantly, record stores should be. Plenty of new and used vinyl, CD's, and DVD concerts. The store has upgraded its aesthetic over the last couple of years and now boasts one of the more "homey" and "warm" store feelings around. Certainly worth the trip whenever I'm in the area.
submitted by Cormac L, 2006-03-10 20:58:26
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Considering where I live, this record shop is very close to my house which makes it convenient to visit frequently. My primary music purchase is albums, and there is a strong selection of new vinyl recordings along with newer recordings of older music. Most of the newer albums come in either 180 gram or 200 gram vinyl. This type of vinyl is vastly superior to older albums (sonically and physically). In addition, this shop has plenty of used albums in all musical categories. Combined with a friendly environment, reasonable prices and excellent selection, this is a great place to shop for CD's LP's and other types of music related merchandise.
submitted by Dwain, 2006-06-13 13:18:49
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Thank goodness there's still someone out there who loves music and knows how to get it to the people! John Antonelli and Sour Records have restored my faith in the ability of a few to make a BIG difference. The quality and presentation of the inventory, old and new, shines through in every part of this all too unique music shop. Sour Records is a true throwback and a testament to what a music store was always meant to be. It's a place to go spend time, lots of it, looking through the racks and listening to whatever happens to be playing in the house. You'll find plenty of new artists to discover as well as virtually ANY of the old stuff you may have forgotten about. The staff know their stuff. I can't wait to get back to Columbus...That's saying a lot for a Michigan Fan...
submitted by Ken Murphy, 2007-11-19 20:59:50
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